Joining the Presidential Innovation Fellows

Proud to announce that I'll be joining the second round of PIFs, the White House's startup for better technology is government.

WaterTracker - Structured data, integrated response

How we're using mobile phones, IVRs, and an locally run initiative to save money fixing wells in Afghanistan.

About me

Hi, thanks for stopping by my site. Little bit about me: I have over ten years of experience managing effective communications teams and developing online products across non-profit, government, and private sector companies, from large institutes to smaller and more agile development shops. I lead technical and community-oriented initiatives, create scalable web services, and specialize in data management and visualization.

Please feel free to browse through my online CV here or click the download link on the left to get a good, ol' fashioned PDF. I am currently based in Washington, DC, USA.


I build things. Here's some highlights on independent projects or where I was technical lead.


thumbnail A platform for tracking USAID funded water stations around Afghanistan via IVR.
maker.json Booty Watertracker


My most recent work experience. My full CV is available below along with my current LinkedIn profile.

Lead Technologist/Appointee, USAID

June - December 2016

Operations Officer, World Bank Group

January 2014 - May 2015

COO, Ushahidi

January 2013 - November 2013

Presidential Innovation Fellow, USAID

May 2012 - January 2013


I have not, to date, made publishing a personal priority but I've had the great opportunity to with friends and colleagues share knowledge and insights from previous projects.


The places I've traveled for work and spoken at conferences.